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Custody and Visitation Attorney in Canton, Ohio

Custody Attorney

Custody battles can be distressing for parents and children. For over a decade, we have worked with parents and families to assist them in gaining or maintaining custody of the children they love.

During your case, we will advocate for your rights as a parent and the importance of your presence in your children's lives to help solidify your designation as the legal guardian of your children.

Visitation Rights

If full custody is granted by the court to the other parent, it can seem as though you are cut off from your children. With visitation rights, you can continue to be present in your children's lives through the creation of a set schedule establishing the days and times you will be able to spend with your children. The Law Offices of Christopher Dionisio, Attorney at Law will work with you to ensure you see your children as often as possible.

Shared Parenting

When determining shared parenting of your children, you will need a shared parenting plan that requires the parties involved to discuss and agree on major decisions regarding your children's medical care, child support and living arrangements.

We can provide you with respected legal counsel to assist in negotiating the shared parenting plan and ensure you are allotted the parenting time and participation you need to take care of your children.

Grandparents Rights

In the state of Ohio, grandparents can petition the court for custody of their grandchildren and for visitation rights. Grandparents rights, however, are a complex issue, and an attorney can help you navigate the details of a petition for custody or visitation. With the aid of an attorney, your rights as a grandparent can be protected, and you can remain a part of your grandchild's life.

Contempt of Court

After a custody or visitation arrangement has been approved by the court, both parents are expected to meet the obligations of the agreement. Unfortunately, not every parent meets those obligations, denying you valuable time with your children. If you find that you have been purposely denied your parenting time, you can file a motion with the court requesting the other parent be held in contempt.

We can assist you through the process of filing your motion for contempt and protect the right you have to spend time with your child. If you are the parent being held in contempt, we can give you the defense you need to avoid penalties and continue your life as a parent.

Speak With Us

If you need legal counsel for your custody case, come to our office and speak with us. We will work with you to determine which custody arrangement is best for you and your children and help secure that arrangement.