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Divorce Law and Dissolution in Canton, Ohio

Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a difficult process — it can be challenging for spouses to agree on the division of property, other assets, support responsibilities and parental rights. The Law Offices of Christopher Dionisio, Attorney at Law will help you determine what is rightfully yours and will help you get it.

Dissolution Attorney

When you and your spouse want a divorce, a dissolution may be the solution for you. A dissolution, like a divorce, is a legal separation agreement that also settles disputes regarding assets, division of property, child custody, spousal support and payment of marital debts. A dissolution, however, is not based on fault and is often a quicker, less-expensive process than divorce.

We will help you file a dissolution petition, guide you through the process and secure a fair and honest agreement to ensure your property and rights are protected.

Legal Separation

Perhaps your marriage needs a break; you or your spouse may need time to determine if your relationship has a chance. A legal separation will allow you to divide your assets and parental responsibilities without dissolving your marriage as a divorce would, allowing you the protection of a legal agreement to establish custody and financial obligations while leaving an easier path to reconciliation.

We can assist you in preparing and negotiating a separation agreement, just as with a divorce or dissolution, to protect your parenting rights and assets and ensure that the agreement is fair.

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