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Domestic Violence Representation in Canton, Ohio

Supporting and Protecting Your Rights

Domestic violence occurs when a person threatens to harm or causes harm to a family or household member. If you have experienced domestic violence, or if you have been charged with domestic violence, we have the knowledge to advocate for your rights and ensure your protection.

For Victims of Domestic Violence

If you have been injured or threatened with domestic violence, we have numerous services to help protect you and your family.

Protection Orders

A civil protection order offers more protection than a restraining order. It can be enforced by the police, and the offender can be arrested for any violation of the order. If you have filed any charges of domestic violence, battery or assault, or if charges have been filed on your behalf, you may request a protection order.

Restraining Orders

A restraining order can be issued by the court during a divorce or legal separation in cases where one of the spouses has been or may become abusive to the other. The restraining order restricts that spouse from harassing, abusing and intimidating the other spouse. It remains in effect until the divorce or separation case is complete.

The police cannot enforce restraining orders; instead, we work with the requesting spouse to report any violation of the order to the court to file for contempt.

Representing the Accused

If you are charged with domestic violence or domestic battery, we will ensure that your voice is heard. We know that domestic violence charges can have drastic ramifications, including the inability for domestic violence convictions to be expunged. We will defend your rights and do everything possible to achieve a favorable outcome or have your case dismissed.

Speak With Us

Whether you have been charged with domestic violence or you are a victim of violence, we can help you determine the next step to take and represent you honestly and thoroughly. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.