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Probate Law in Canton, Ohio

Helping You Prepare for the Future

At The Law Offices of Christopher Dionisio, Attorney at Law, we care about protecting your savings and your family in the case of your death. We want you to feel prepared for the future. With our team, you will be able to create a will, arrange for your children's protection and care and dictate what will happen to your estate in the case of your death.

Probate and Estate Planning Services

Creating a Will

A will appoints guardians for your children, dictates how your property and assets will be distributed after your death, and states your final wishes for your body. Creating a will now will protect your family from legal battles and disputes and ensure your children are taken care if you die unexpectedly.

We can help you determine beneficiaries and appoint an executor so you can be sure your wishes will be met.

Your Estate

According to your will, the executor will take charge of distributing your assets to your loved ones after your passing. If you are the executor of a will, we can give you legal advice to guide you through probate court and assist you in properly transferring the deceased's estate to their beneficiaries.

Power of Attorney

If you come to a point where you are unable to make important decisions, a power of attorney can make those decisions and act on your behalf.

In regards to health care, a power of attorney consists of your written wishes regarding your end-of-life care should you become incapacitated.

With our knowledge, we can guide you through the necessary paperwork to designate a power of attorney, making sure to observe the related laws and regulations. With a power of attorney, you can trust your wishes will be honored.

Other Probate Services

Name Change

Because of our experience with the paperwork and process for making a legal name change in Ohio, you can trust us to assist you if you want to change your name or child's name after a divorce, marriage or other event. We will help you prepare the necessary paperwork and represent you at the formal hearing.

Step-Parent Adoption

You can strengthen the emotional relationship you have with your step-child by creating a legal relationship through step-parent adoption. We will take you through the required paperwork and represent you in a hearing, if a hearing is necessary.

Speak With Us

If you are contemplating creating a will or if you need counsel on another probate matter, please come visit our office today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and work with you to ensure your needs are taken care of.